• ROLANDTECNIC Import & Export GmbH
  • Contrescarpe 32
  • D-28203 Bremen

Headquarters location

With company headquarters in Bremen, we enjoy and benefit from all the advantages and possibilities provided by an important trading and city port.

Bremen has played a key role in the international exchange of goods for many decades. As long ago as the late middle ages, Bremen was one of the most important Hanseatic trade and port cities. Today, practically all shipping companies of note provide a service to the entire world out of Bremen and Bremerhaven.

Bremen airport maintains direct connections to London, Paris, Zürich, Copenhagen, Vienna and Frankfurt, while exceptionally good connections to various motorways permit fast goods delivery to any country within Europe; an appreciable proportion of European container traffic is concentrated at Bremerhaven.

Rolandtecnic maintains several warehouses in the Bremen free port; here consignments of goods are consolidated, checked, packed and stored free from customs duties. Our office lies centrally within the city centre in direct proximity to all the important authorities, banks, shipping companies, forwarding agents and service providers.

All in all, our headquarters location offers the best conditions for working inexpensively, quickly and efficiently.